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Recent Yacht Deliveries Australia

SY 'Gallivant 1' - Tayana 42 from Tweed River, NSW to Hardy's Bay, NSW.

Gallivant 1 travelled a long way from Northern Queensland to the Tweed River before going on Covid Lockdown delaying her new owners from enjoying this beautiful 1987 ocean going mono-hull in their local area. The delivery team ensured the highest level of pre-departure preparation was adhered to allowing for another timely and successful passage. We are happy knowing the new owners were out enjoying their vessel and sailing Pittwater the day after the delivery team arrived. 

SY 'Pseudorca' - Lagoon 380 S2 from Mooloolaba, QLD to Hobart, TAS
JPEG image-F13AEB762AEB-1.jpeg

This well equipped Lagoon 380 departed Mooloolaba, QLD into East-South-East wind and seas in order to take advantage of a high pressure system on the East Coast of Australia which made for fantastic downwind sailing as far as the South Coast of NSW. The commercially qualified delivery team made the best of conditions to sail one thousand two hundred nautical miles in nine days ensuring a non-stop passage to Hobart, Tasmania well ahead of schedule. Fantastic sailing enroute for another successful Complete Yacht Delivery. 

SY 'Salt Whistle' - Northshore 34 from Sandringham, VIC to Lakes Entrance, VIC. 

Changeable weather conditions allowed a narrow weather window to move this 1996 Northshore 34 from Sandringham in Port Philip Bay to Lakes Entrance for its new owner. The delivery team perfectly timed their exit through The Rip at Melbourne Heads to make the most of conditions allowing them to arrive safely before a 40 knot South Westerly crossed Wilson's Promontory and continued across the Bass Strait. The vessel owner was onboard to earn from the experienced Commercial Delivery Team. 

SY 'Sanctuary' - Crowther 52 from Bongaree, QLD to Pelican Waters, QLD.
JPEG image-EA77D7B59AF2-1.jpeg

This newly purchased Crowther 52 'Sanctuary' has a long established pedigree having completed a seven year, primarily solo, circumnavigation before the current owners purchased her in the Gold Coast, Australia. This family owned vessel required assistance for the open water portion of it's passage North. After joining the vessel and completing necessary checks the delivery team had an early morning start to ensure arrival at the infamously shallow Caloundra Bar on High Water. With strict time constraints Complete Yacht Delivery picked suitable conditions for the commercially qualified captain to finish another successful delivery.  

JPEG image-D73B9725506A-1.jpeg
SY 'Christina' - Dufour 30 from Port Macquarie, NSW to Southport, QLD.

After severe flooding and storms in New South Wales in early April the vessel owner contacted Complete Yacht Delivery to ensure the safe passage of his vessel between Port Macquarie, NSW and Southport, QLD. The vessel handled well and has been maintained flawlessly by previous and current owners. After a quick pit stop for fuel in Coffs Harbour, NSW the team arrived at the Gold Coast Seaway on a beautiful Saturday morning. Commercially qualified captain onboard for a safe and uneventful passage, just the way we like it!

SY 'Gwen Roberts' - Moody 38 from Newport, NSW to Paynesville, VIC.
Yacht Delivery Newport to Lakes Entrance

A new client to Complete Yacht Delivery. This was a dream run. The trip started with a 15-20 knot beam reach to get the vessel down past the NSW-VIC border before taking advantage of a 20-30 knot broad reach towards Lakes Entrance, VIC. Ideal conditions for the infamous Lakes Entrance bar crossing before arriving in Paynesville, VIC. Commercially qualified Captain onboard for an enjoyable passage. Great sailing all the way.

SY 'Liza's Bateau' - Jeanneau 45. Newcastle, NSW to Melbourne, VIC.
Yacht Delivery Newcastle to Melbourne Sailing

A pleasure to have a return client to Complete Yacht Delivery, this was the second leg of a trip that started in Mooloolaba, QLD. The trip started with a push into some weather to get the vessel down to Eden, NSW to refuel before taking advantage of an ideal weather window from Eden, NSW to Melbourne, VIC. Commercially qualified Captain and crew made the passage in six days with great sailing along the way.

Yacht Delivery Captain Navigation Bass Strait
Yacht Delivery Skipper and Vessel Owner Melbourne
SY 'Liza's Bateau' - Jeanneau 45. Mooloolaba, QLD to Newcastle, NSW.
Yacht Delivery Mooloolaba to Newcastle

The vessel owner was very happy with their first Complete Yacht Delivery experience and the professional, commercially qualified crew provided. This trip was a real mixed bag in terms of weather. It departed Mooloolaba, QLD in ideal conditions and had some heavier weather off Port Stephens before arriving in Newcastle, NSW. The vessel made very good time on the way South and earned a rest before it continues on to Melbourne, VIC.

Yacht Delivery Skipper Australia
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