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Yacht Delivery Rates 

Yacht Delivery Rates Australia

When trying to determine the cost of delivering your vessel with other providers it can be, at best, unclear, and in some cases down right confusing. 

Rates per nautical mile, day rates, rates for captain and crew, just a captain, mile building crew, excluding fuel, provisioning expenses included and customs fees for International deliveries.


Where does it end? 

Undefined terms can result in unexpected expenses for the vessel owner. 

At Complete Yacht Delivery we provide clear, concise, obligation free quotes to avoid unexpected costs taking away from the professional yacht delivery experience.

The Complete Yacht Delivery Difference

Our deliveries are all different but they all have one thing in common, structure. 

We extensively plan every aspect of your vessel delivery so the only factor outside our control is the weather. 

As a result we consistently complete safe, uneventful deliveries, ahead of schedule and on budget. 

At CYD we are changing the delivery industry for the better. 


Bringing Superyacht standards to vessel owners like you.

Yacht Delivery Captain Rates Australia

What To Expect 

Yacht Delivery Skipper Rates Australia

We base our quotes on a competitive daily crewing rates for professional, commercially qualified mariners. 

The daily rate for our skippers is dependant on the duration of the delivery and can be discussed at anytime. For extended voyages there are alternatives to daily rates such as a fixed rate for the passage. 

All of our crew are thoroughly vetted for suitability to your vessel based on previous experience with similar vessels, experience in the intended area of operation as well as reference checks if they have not sailed with us before. 

Contact Finn or Request an Obligation Free Quote to get delivery specific information for your vessel. 

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