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Complete Yacht Delivery Frequently Asked Questions 

What time of year is best for my delivery?

Every delivery is unique. Some deliveries are dictated by annual weather patterns and some by local weather, if you are unsure whether or not your delivery is possible we will provide obligation free advice on timing, weather, route and duration as well every other aspect of getting your vessel ready and sailing from A to B safely.


How much will it cost?


CYD request detailed vessel information to ensure our estimates are as accurate as possible. No two deliveries are the same. We need the vessel owner to be directly involved before we turn up on the wharf so our estimates can be accurate. To avoid issue we provide a Vessel Information Form to be completed prior to any delivery big, or small.


What about vessel registration and insurance?


It is the vessel owners responsibility to register and insure their vessel for its intended passage. Valid comprehensive insurance is a must and our delivery team will carry a copy of this onboard for the delivery. Our delivery team need your insurers written permission to take charge of your vessel. This is very easy to acquireCYD will not carry separate insurance cover for your vessel.


What safety equipment do I need?


Required safety equipment and life saving appliances are outlined by your State Authority. In addition to this every vessel we deliver must have an in service life raft. If you do not wish to purchase a life raft we can rent put you in contact with our life raft supplier to rent one for the duration of the passage. The life raft can be shipped direct to your vessel and shipped back to our provider at the end of the delivery. CYD will provide this service at cost. The safety of our crew is paramount. All safety equipment must be serviced and in date. A full list of safety equipment and live saving appliances are included on the Vessel Information Form.


What navigation equipment do I need?


CYD will bring complimentary navigation equipment to your vessel to supplement any equipment you have onboard. In addition to your installed equipment we will provide Admiralty Charts, Pilotage Publications, Cruising Guides, and Navionics as a secondary means of electronic chart.


Where can I find weather forecasts?

All of our deliveries are at the mercy of the weather. Our crew use all, or a combination, of the sources listed below.

Ocean Racing & Americas Cup proven - the highest resolution wind forecasts on the web. PredictWind provides incredibly accurate wind and marine forecasts.

Australia Pacific Worldwide Yacht Delivery Forecast

With PocketGrib you can download, view and analyse global weather data on your iPhone. Data extracted from Grib files through our simple interface make it perfect for sailors. 

Where do you find your crew?

At Complete Yacht Delivery we have a tried and tested core delivery crew. You can meet them by clicking on "The Crew" in the above menu. We keep it tight knit at CYD giving us, and you, peace of mind before, during and on arrival of your delivery. Our Captains all have commercial qualifications ensuring they are aware of, and adhere to stringent maritime regulations. 

Can I come on the delivery or part of the delivery?

Complete Yacht Delivery occasionally offer crew positions to vessel owners. This is at the discretion of Complete Yacht Delivery. If you would like to "Apply To Crew" this can be done on the Home Page, or below, and successful applicants will be notified when appropriate opportunities arise. 

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